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作為一個香港獨立音樂平台,JamintheRoom 一直希望嘗試及探究香港音樂製作的運作模式的可能性。從建立一個集訪問樂手、樂器評鑑、歌詞探討、偏鋒音樂導賞等等節目於一身的社交網絡平台,到設立協助獨立音樂人的錄音室,甚或以緊撮的資金開設獨立廠牌並簽入4個音樂單位;JamintheRoom 自開始至今均希望以一個又一個運作實驗去開拓新的音樂製作及發行的模式,讓更多獨立音樂人有更多的音樂發行的選擇。

Being an independent music platfom in Hong Kong, JamintheRoom aims to explore the possibilities on how to produce music and to operate music projects. From a social media channel that conduct musician interivews, gear reviews, lyrics exploration and alternative music guide, to kick start a recording studio aiming for indie musicians, as well as starting an independent label with 4 music units; from beginning to now JamintheRoom is exploring the options through actions and actions to discover new model of music production and operation, hoping that independent musicians have more choices on music production and release.

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