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Unto The Dawn

本地 Metalcore 樂隊由主音 Sid、結他手 Fung 和波子、低音結他手 Ken 和鼓手 Sean 組成。以流麗的樂段加上熱血的字詞,再配以激昂的嘶吼,為失落、絕望及跌宕於迷茫的群衆發聲,以堅毅面對逆境、找尋真正自我、擺脫命運枷鎖等信念,勉勵在城市裡飄浮的每一個人。


Hong Kong metalcore band Unto The Dawn spent over 10 years in the underground scene and developed their fierce melodic riff with the beautiful lyrics screamed and shouted to illustrate the difficulties faced in lives, the struggles to express oneself, the hardship to shake off the fate in this city. The band is Sid (Vocal), Fung & BallG (Guitarist), Ken (Bassist) and Sean (Drummer).


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