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Kylis Hung


Kylis 相信音樂是情感交流的工具,於演繹歌曲時能夠散發出不一樣情緒的「她」,讓聽眾在歌曲的細節中尋覓到自身情感的經歷與共鳴。


Got to know Hong Kong producer James Wong through a university singing contest, Kylis has been a demo singer and backup vocal on numerous published songs - including Kelly Chen's  "也許我一直不懂愛情",  Vincy Chan's "愛如雪", Jade Kwan's "像我這樣的一個雅茲迪女子" and etc.

Kylis always believe that music is the tool to express one's emotions, and love to echo with her audience through her singing the emotions and stories in her music. 


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